Unable to import all data from Last Pass Only 37 /500 imported

I just signed up for Bitwarden and became a premium member (seems prematurely).
My lasspass has some 500 records. When I import them into Bitwarded only about 37 are imported. I tried it a couple of times, still same result.
I am now kicking myself and wondering if Bitwarden is the right solution for me. If anyone has any helpful hints I would appreciate it.

@vijayk Welcome to the forum!

How did you export your records from Lastpass? If it is a CSV export, can you open it in a spreadsheet app or in a text editor, and check whether the exported file contains all 500+ records? There have been examples in the past where migration problems were caused by the Lastpass export rather than the Bitwarden import.

Are the missing vault records of a specific type? Bitwarden only has four types of vault items (logins, secure notes, cards, and identities). If your Lastpass vault made use of specialized item types (e.g., software licenses, SSH keys, or customized item types), then these may not import properly using the standard import tool. You should still be able to import such data using one of the item types available in Bitwarden, but you may have to do some manual conditioning of the CSV file before importing it.

P.S. Please note that Bitwarden has a 30-day refund policy, in case you regret your purchase of the premium subscription.

Ok you were right. What was displayed as downloaded was not the same on the generated csv file. So I took the displayed result and copied and pasted and imported them in to a spreadsheet and saved it as a csv file. Now. it is fine.
Wonder if Laspass deliberately messes up the saved csv file? If that is a case then bitwarden should offer a detailed workaround for those that maybe less computer savvy than I am.