Import error from lastpass

I am new to Bitwarden and I am trying to import my data from LastPass. I have followed the instruction and after I clicked on import data, I got this error
“Data is not formatted correctly. Please check your import file and try again.”

It did not say anything about which line and what kind of format is that? Please help. Thanks

Did any of the data import into Bitwarden?

None of them are imported

Did you select Lastpass csv format in the importer?

I ran LP side by side with BW for a week and have done the export import about 10 times OK so it should work.

HTH :+1:

If you followed these instructions and it is not working, you should probably contact support.

Yes I did follow the instruction. When I exported from lastpass, I notice that there is a download.csv and also the text in the browser. If I import the download.csv which only contains 4 entries, it works. But the rest shown on the browser did not work. I followed the instruction to copy and paste the text from the browser to a file called export.csv. I imported this export.csv which has most of my credentials, then it failed with the error.

Try deleting all the entries in your Bitwarden vault, empty the trash, and then import export.csv. The Bitwarden import function assumes your vault is empty.

Copy and pasting the text displayed in the browser will not work properly if you have any secure note items with note text that contains linebreaks. You need to figure out how to get a working CSV export from LastPass. In LastPass I think it makes a difference if you export from the browser extension or from the web vault, etc. — I recall reading that one of these methods works better, but I don’t remember which one. Perhaps one of the countless other LastPass refugees can give you a tip.

I exported from the LastPass web vault and I had secure notes that I successfully imported into Bitwarden.

Thanks RogerDodger! It works perfectly with the Chrome extension. Thanks again