Import from lastpass missing passwords

Hi there! just created a csv file from lastpass, imported to bitwarden. no error messages, said it was complete but I’m missing a lot of passwords. Help please?!
Thanks in advance

It’s very difficult to try and diagnose what the issue might be remotely. Have you had a look at which passwords are missing? Is there anything common between those that weren’t imported? An unusual character perhaps, or some other piece of information that is common to the problem entries?

Are those missing passwords present in the csv-file? You can check by opening that file in a simple editor.

I recall a couple of other users mention something similar, and it turned out that long secure notes were crashing the import. You can verify this if you can figure out the LAST password that successfully imported into Bitwarden, then find it in your CSV file, then observe the next line in the file. If it was a secure note (may have a url like https://sn), then that’s your culprit.

If so, you might be able to remove the secure notes from a copy of your CSV file by sorting the table (e.g., in Excel) on the url column to locate and delete the secure note rows. Just remember to do this on a COPY of the file!

Let us know how you make out!

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Hi thanks all for your help! The issue was that when I created an export from lastpass, the downloaded file was missing a lot of the passwords that were created in text in the new browser window when the export was created. So I just copied and pasted this text as the import instead and it has worked,
Thanks again for your pointers to look at! hopefully this will help others who get the same issue…