Importing into Bitwarden

Like many people who were irritated with Last Pass recent changes, have migrated to Bitwarden which seems a better option
Well apparently it’s supposed to be easy to import data but it never is ,is it.
Didn’t help I have to do it all on Android, as I don’t have access to my Windows computer at the moment.
LastPass export is supposed to save as a CSV file but there was nothing on there regarding that ,what I could see.
Maybe because I was doing it through Andoid.
Eventually I saved data as a .doxc and converted to CSV.
So tried to import into bitwarden but no dice… Error.
So tried only option left,pasting data directly.
Hooray , it worked.
However it only imported websites and passwords Etc.
All the other stuff that I had on Lastpass,secure files, card details, bank accounts, etc we’re not imported and those fields were blank on BitWarden.
Anyone got a solution?

I used a laptop to migrate and it worked flawlessly. I exported the csv from Lastpass chrome extension and then imported it into BW using vault on the web. I understand you don’t have access to
your computerr right now, but I recommend finding one to setup the first time. Takes 10min max. Also, looks like you have a partial import right now, recommend deleting the partial imported data before doing the import using desktop again to avoid duplicate data.

Yeah thanks for that.
Actually I solved it, figured out why it didn’t work.
Because I couldn’t do CSV, just copied the data from a document.
But it was spread over four pages I accidentally copied only the first page.
So once I copied all the pages and pasted it was okay.
And yes of course I realised partial import would have to be deleted to avoid getting duplicates.
So everything’s okay now BitWarden seems as good as LastPass.
Yep , I think LastPass really shot themselves in the foot with their new policy, thousands are leaving it.

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That makes a pleasant change from the people coming here and using a variation on “why doesn’t Bitwarden work exactly like Lastpass?”, which gets a little tiring after a while.