Where is the popup message to auto update password!?!?!

When you update a password there should be a prompt to save the new password automatically to the vault. We should not have to manually enter anything into Bitwarden, other than click “yes” to update into the vault.

How in the world is this not a standard feature? In chrome, firefox, hell even internet explorer does it with their built in password manager. And they have been doing this for years.

No one wants to manually update it in Bitwarden when changing passwords. This creates an unnecessary 2nd step. This is a Password Manager, not a “Me Manage the Password Manager”. The tool should be doing the work for me.

Try explaining to an elderly person or any technology illiterate person when they need to change a password they need to update it a second time in Bitwarden. That will go straight over their head. The next time they go to change a password they will think your product is defective because it never saved the new password.

Without this basic feature users will not stick around to use your product. Get it together if you want to succeed.

Bitwarden does prompt to save new and amended passwords - there’s a banner at the top of the screen. However, it’s dependent on how the website is coded. If BW can’t tell that you’ve changed a password, then it won’t prompt.

Personally, I prefer to update BW first, but that’s just me!