Suggest to update passwords when using a password change form



I do not get the popup to update my password when I change my password on a website using their update password form. The form usually has three fields, old password, new password and confirm new password. When the form is submitted, Firefox suggests to update the password but Bitwarden does not.

I know that it can be tricky if there are multiple logins for the same website. I would suggest using a dropdown/combobox that allows the user to select for which username to update the password when such a form is submitted. If there’s only one login, then there’s no need for the dropdown to appear.


Update the password in the Bitwarden extension first so that you know it’s saved. This video kind of demonstrates this. The old password will be at the bottom of the login in password history.


The video does not address Bitwarden’s behavior or lack of behavior when UPDATING (or being required to UPDATE) a password on a website. It only demonstrates CREATING a login.


It’s the same idea. When you’re on the site select the site in Bitwarden and generate a new password. Then copy or autofill the new password and you’re done.


It then asks to update a PW for which I JUST re-generated and then saved to BW.


Ah thank you, that’s a good solution.