Password generated must be typed manually


I am new to BitWarden. May be this problem is already solved but I did not find the answer yet.

If I go to my bank and want to change my password. They don’t allow me to paste the new password. Probably they don’t want the password transitting through the clipboard.

So, I I want a strong password, like 15 characters say, I have to retype it myself twice!

Thank you for any hint

Propably it works if you safe the Password in Bitwarden and then you can click on that Login. Then BW shold auto fill the Password. But in your case im not sure if this works.

No, unfortunately it does not work. BW can fill the current password, of course, but I have to supply the NEW password and even repeat it twice. Those fields does not accept paste operation.

If I replace manually the old password by the new in BW, I wil just not be able to login in anymore!

This usually happens because of how the website was done. It may be a bit technical, but you can enable pasting (but only works once, once you reload the page, the fix is gone).

Right click inside the input field for the password and select Inspect element. It will open a new window with a new frame looking like this. There’s a block that is highlighted, that represents the current input field. If you look at the end of said block (or in your case, it may be somewhere in the middle or at the start of the block) there’s an attribute called onpaste which holds a value of return false;. You need to get rid of that. To do so, double click on its name, that will let you edit said attribute. After that, delete the text and press enter. You should now be able to paste your password.

If you cant find that, right click on the block and select edit as HTML. Then try finding it one more time.

If you still cannot find it, then it probably is disabling pasting via js code, which is harder to deal with.

Disclaimer: DO NOT POST SCREENSHOTS OF THAT WINDOW, it may contain very sensible data (hence why I blurred out most of mine)

Thank you for the trick. But it is not something I would recommend to everybody!
I am sure you agree with me :wink:

I did not have this problem with Lastpass so it is something that BitWarden could certainly do.

For stubborn or tricky password fields on certain websites, I usually find it works to paste my password into the browser’s address bar/another field and then select and drag it down into the password field. I’m not sure if this is good advice or not, but I don’t have patience for websites that don’t allow auto-fill.

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1 - Generate your new password
2 - copy it
3 - create a new login entry for that password in Bitwarden
4 - use autofill

There are three fields to fill in the same page:

1 The old password
2 The new password
3 Repeat of the new password

When you autofill, BW fills the three fields with the current password.

But I found a solution which may not be applicable elsewhere. For some subtile reason, this site accepts the paste operation in the old password field but not on the others.

So I proceed somehow as you suggested by creating an alias of my site in bw with the new password. This way I can autofill the three fields. Then I have to overwrite the current password, I use a copy paste from the old site.

Still I think that there is matter to improvement there.

Thank you for your help