Automatic update of changed website passwords

Will bitwarden automatically update changed website passwords?

It will prompt you to update a password in your vault if it has changed, yes. But you have to choose to save it.

I am migrating from LastPass and one thing I noticed - This feature does not work as good as in LastPass.
A particular example - logging to
I had an old password stored in Bitwarden so when I opened up the site - Bitwarden browser extension populated “password” field with the old password.
I pasted the NEW correct password and hit Okay and Bitwarden extension immediately displayed the button asking to update the vault.
BUT! Once the web page reloaded and I entered the main site, Bitwarden prompt was gone too.
I noticed that LastPass “update your password” prompt was way more “persistant” and can “survive” page reloading in almost all situations.

Agreed - LastPass “password change” detection was far, far better than BitWarden, and as you noted, more “persistent” in that once a password change was detected, the extension kept the notification/update banner visible and available regardless of multiple redirects and page changes, usually to display a “success” message from the website.

It is a real pain when generating a new password and having to manually re-open the extension and edit the entry, paste the new password into the entry, and then save the entry. And hurry up before your clipboard timer clears it, too.

And don’t get me started on the sites that think they’re “clever” by putting the “old password” field after the new password (and confirmation) fields, so that you have to choose between losing the password you just generated in the buffer to copy the old password from the vault, or saving it in the vault which means you can’t copy in the old password value to enter into the form on the web page.