Add password and update password

I recently migrated from LastPass and installed the extension on my safari browser on my mac. So when logging into a new site it never asks to save it in Bitwarden. Also, if I update the password on a site, it does not ask to update on Bitwarden. Is this broken?


You need to turn that feature on in the settings, I believe.

It already is by default. You have to disable it if you want to.

Does it work in other browsers? It might just be the Safari extension that’s broken.

There’s been reports of the chrome browser too.

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You can view this video: it proposes creating the account first on Bitwarden and then autofilling the registration forms

Yes I watched that video and it indeed works. Just convoluted workaround. Hope this can be fixed.


Agree, it is a workaround. It also does not address the situations where you are updating a password, not creating one. I hope the staff can at least acknowledge the issue then provide a timing on the fix. This issue has been going on for far too long.

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Not once has Bitwarden prompted to add or update a password on the Firefox browser. When I change a password using an auto-generated suggestion, if I forget to manually update Bitwarden, it’s gone forever. I had planned on migrating from Lastpass but now have second thoughts. I’ve tested it on multiple sites, and it just does not work - ever.


Yes that is a concern. I’m on a Mac so I still save passwords using keychains. If I didn’t and use a generated password I would never know it. Hopefully they can get this fixed.

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I just started a trial of BW given LP’s latest move. Will most likely be paying someone now so am giving BW and 1PW a try.

This issue also concerned me at first, But after consideration, I think I’ll be using this update method from now on. It is much more reliable. I am controlling the creation and saving of the new password in BW first and then using that to create the account. The fact that BW saves the account information first and also archives the old password for an update, gives me total assurance that I have the information where I can get to it.
More than once I had LP not ask for the update like it should and my new PW was lost forever and had to go through account recovery with the affected site. Even if I stick with LP, I"ll be doing my password updates in the vault first and then on the website.

There is a bug report here: Bitwarden does not prompt to save credentials · Issue #1620 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

There is a form you can fill out to report a website not working here: