Unlocking on Safari in iOS

I’m trying to get my wife set up with Bitwarden, and we’ve run into a snag on her iPad mini (1st generation). When she wants to log in to a website on Safari, Bitwarden is requiring her full passphrase every time. She set a PIN in Bitwarden, but the extension isn’t asking for it. Am I missing something? Typing the whole passphrase every time is not a great experience.

When I had an experience like this (e. g. on every reboot), it was enough for me to run the app (not extension) after the reboot and unlock from there. Then the extension should allow just for the PIN.

I think the reason is that the extension works actually from a cache - it’s the same reason as in case of an extension not reflecting a password change on another device - you have to run the app itself to sync the changes, then the extension reflects these.

I just tried that (restarted the iPad, logged in to Bitwarden, then tried to use the extension). Regular password required, not PIN.

Hm, assuming that Unlock with PIN code is enabled (silly, I know, appologies in advance) on the device, I have no idea.

Yeah, that’s how the device gets unlocked. I’ll try contacting support directly.

I didn’t mean the ipad, I meant in the Bitwarden app’s settings