Always asking for master password on Safari

Hi - recently upgraded to Safari 13. Installed BitWarden desktop on Mac, then installed the extension.

I’m being asked for master password to unlock about every 5 minutes. Under settings, I have ‘on browser restart’ and ‘PIN’ selected. Any ideas?

I’ve got the same issue on macOS 10.14.2 with Safari 12.0.2. Seems like a recent update of the extension caused this?

Besides requiring the master password after every refresh, it also doesn’t load the first tab in the popup for me (the “Tab” tab). I just see the loading spinner. Do you also have that issue?

I just un-installed the app, and installed via the App Store, re-enabled the extension. Will see if that helps.

I’ve updated to Safari 13 on Mojave and that seems to have solved the issue.

I’m seeing this problem on Safari v10.0.3 v10.14.6.

Any update on this. It’s pretty much a show-stopper

I moved from LastPass to BW today and this is the most annoying issue. Still not fixed on latest version of BW, Safari and macOS as of date.

Me too. I moved to Bitwarden partly because 1PW was forcing me to go on a subscription just to get the safari extension. So pretty annoying this is not working.

When this will be fixed ? I am a customer.

This is preventing me moving from Lastpass, that was the USP of BW but it looks like it doesn’t work.

I a not experiencing this behaviour in the latest BW extension to Safari 13.1.1 on Mojave.

Same Problem, running:
Bitwarden Extension 1.44.2
Safari 13.1.1
MacOS 10.15.5

I started experiencing this same behavior several days ago on MacOS 10.15.5, Safari 13.1.1 and Bitwarden extension 1.45.0.

Also running is the Bitwarden app 1.19.1, although I have not experienced this issue with the application.

Has anyone found a fix or other workaround?

Getting this every other time I click on the BW Safari extension since the last update.


Anyone come a cross a workaround or fix for this? Dev update on resolution? Is this a regression, as this thread is pretty old?

I’m having the same trouble with BW that all the others are having. It started with the latest update to Safari, and is a real PITA.

Does anybody have any experience with other password managers? This is really getting a bit tedious.

Do we have a solution or workaround? just exprerienced this in the last 3-4- days

first, suddenly the Safari extension gone, forced me to re-download & reinstall BW
Now everytime I opened BW extension on Safari, it will ask for master pass, regardless the timeout setting

Catalina 10.15.5 (19F101)
Safari Version 13.1.1 (15609.
Bitwarden 1.45.0 extension on Safari
Bitwarden app package Version 1.19.0 (1.19.0)

the worst part is, now extention in Chrome also behave similar, ask for master password everytime

any Solution please?

Same here. Started occurring without upgrading MacOS or Safari:

  • Safari 13.1
  • MacOS Catalina
  • Bitwarden 1.44.2

This has been going on for a terribly long time, and it’s getting to the point that I don’t believe Bitwarden can be fixed. I’ve just gotten my wife to agree to a password manager, but I can’t ask her to install Bitwarden, because of this issue. So now, I really need to consider other options. Has anyone tried another extension that works well on Safari?

We’re tracking and actively investigating this. We’ve even pulled in some Apple folks to assist, but it’s proving to be an elusive issue, however, we’re not giving up on it.