Always asking for master password on Safari

Hi - recently upgraded to Safari 13. Installed BitWarden desktop on Mac, then installed the extension.

I’m being asked for master password to unlock about every 5 minutes. Under settings, I have ‘on browser restart’ and ‘PIN’ selected. Any ideas?

I’ve got the same issue on macOS 10.14.2 with Safari 12.0.2. Seems like a recent update of the extension caused this?

Besides requiring the master password after every refresh, it also doesn’t load the first tab in the popup for me (the “Tab” tab). I just see the loading spinner. Do you also have that issue?

I just un-installed the app, and installed via the App Store, re-enabled the extension. Will see if that helps.

I’ve updated to Safari 13 on Mojave and that seems to have solved the issue.