Safari extension logging itself out

Hi, the extension on my Safari browser has started logging out after a short period of time. I have it set to log out only when I close the browser. Also, it does not ask for my 2fa code, even though the zbitvault online, and app on my MacBook do. Becoming extremely annoying!
Many thanks

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I have the same issue,

After the update I got yesterday my safari extension wants me to login again after every action.
It is extremely annoying.

I hope there is a fix soon

I emailed them, and they said do complete reinstall, and delete all library files. That fixed it…for a while. Now back to same issue.

Something really is off :frowning: I tried to turn on pincode but that does not work either, it still wants the master password :frowning:

Hi, someone… is there any idea how long it will take to fix this random locking? (I notice the drop down box of the extension goes black for a split second before asking me to log in again)

It looks like it was a known issue from 2019…

I never had this issue before last night, and it is still a problem now. Its ridiculous re entering the password and logging in again after every action. Just not usable. I might understand it with a free version, but this is a paid premium thing. I spent a long time deciding to start using a password manager, and even longer deciding on bitwarden after trialling keepass xc for a while.

I have tried the suggestion for selecting “lock with pin” option, but when it does lock itself, I don’t get the option to enter a pin that I set.

Something seems to be going badly wrong. I truly want Bitwarden to work for me, but its incredibly frustrating trying to use it in its current form.

I have the same issue. I’ve deleted Bitwarden, removed the extension, reinstalled, and it still logs out after a very short interval - between 1 and 3 minutes. I’ve tried resetting the logout times to different settings in the hope it was only a corrupted profile setting, but that didn’t help.

BTW, this started immediately after installing the latest update.

I emailed Bitwarden and got the response below:

Thank you for contacting the support team. The development team is informed about the issue, apparently this random locking is a known issue with Safari ( and our team has been working with the support team from Apple to see how to fix it, there is also an open bug for the Apple development team. We will need to wait in this case and see how things develop I’m afraid, but it’s right now our top priority to solve.

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Sounds great! Hope that they fix this issue as soon as possible. :+1:

it was first reported September 2019! Cant wait much longer before need to switch to lastpass…

I’m beginning to feel the same way mcs is.

Does anybody have any sort of workaround? What are Safari users doing? With so many passwords now very complicated, it’s impossible to remember them all.

Are people simplifying their passwords, or switching password managers, or has anyone found a better workaround?

I just made the changeover from LastPass. Now I’m having to reenter my password to the BW Safari extension every time I want to login on a new site. When will this problem be fixed?
I don’t want to go back to LastPass.

Hi mkt. This problem has been fixed for the latest version of Safari, 14.0.

This issue was reported by Bitwarden as a bug in Safari, and the new update to Safari from Apple has in fact removed this problem. I really like BW more than LastPass and think that the free update to Safari is worthwhile, given that there are a number of other good features.

I’m still having the problem with safari extension. The vault always lock randomly. The extension for Chrome is working fine and on my iPhone too. But I prefer by far using safari on my desktop! I hope that bug will be fix soon. I have the latest version of safari (14) and running on Catalina.