Bitwarden ask for password in browser

Hi, iPadOS15, Edge/Safari browser
I allowed for biometrics and able to login to the app, but every time when trying to use browser prompt it ask me for password.
App has been reinstalled
Settings setup in various way with no success…

Hi @Stephens_corrosion - welcome!

I suggest you check your vault Timeout settings. You want to make sure it is set to unlock on Timeout, and not logout (that always requires a password).

Hi, thanks for that. Timeout is set to 5min and set to lock the vault not o log off. So still no solution…

So is your issue with the Bitwarden app in iPadOS, or is it with the web vault at

Sorry, it’s an app for an IPad. All settings as per above. While using browser and password needs to be used. I use Bitwarden and every time it asks me for a password or pin (if this was set up). Dispute using biometric to login to the app normally, it insists for a password on the login demanding websites. Hope this is clear…

Sorry then - assuming you have configured it correctly, I am not sure what could be wrong. It works fine on my iPad (albeit iPadOS 14, not 15).