Newbie questions

I’ve dumped LastPass and looking to use BitWarden as my password manager. I’ve downloaded and installed the Mac/Safari but it isn’t doing anything. Here’s what I was expecting and my BitWarden isn’t doing them.

I expected to see an icon on the Safari menu bar. Nope
I expected BitWarden put up the login page when I launch Safari. Nope. To login I have to go to the BitWarden webpage and login there. Even when logged in it doesn’t look like BitWarden is running.

I see no icon on the top right.

I don’t see an extension for BitWarden in System Preferences/ Extensions

Mojave v10.14.6
Safari v13.0.3
BitWarden v1.16.6

Unrelated Q- does BitWarden support 2 page logins? One page for username, one page for password.

Unrelated Q- How do I logout of the BitWarden forums?

Is this not the way BitWarden works or did I screw up the install?

Did you install the desktop app for Mac or the browser extension for Safari?

I installed both. The Mac versions looked to be the same (same file size). The instructions read like because the way Mac handles extensions it didn’t matter. The install goes smooth but after I don’t see any change to safari. No login popup, no icon in menu ribbon. Nothing in preferences/ extensions. I’ve read about 1,000 articles and nobody had this problem so it has to be me. I’ll try uninstalling then installing the extension only. I’m not expecting anything to change. Stay tuned.

I installed the extension only. No change. Well, minor change- Bitwarden does not show up in Finder/Applications list. It did before. If I go to Safari/ Safari extensions I get the extensions page but BitWarden is not in the list. If I go to Safari/Preferences it’s not there.
I’ll try just the app later.

What about my other questions?

I don’t have a Mac. So I can just tell you how it works on Windows. But I think is should work the some on a Mac.
If you have installed the Browser extention, then you should have an Bitwarden Icon in your Browser. Bitwarden doesen’t Open an Login page on browser launch. On launch there is a red lock on the Bitwarden Icon. If you click on the Icon, then you get an login Window. If you logged in, you can click on the icon for manage your Passwords.

Unrelated Q- does BitWarden support 2 page logins? One page for username, one page for password.

Yes I’ve tested it on Office 365. It works.

Unrelated Q- How do I logout of the BitWarden forums?

If you click on your profile picture on the top right, then you get to your notification. In the notification menu can you click on your username.

Thanks. The install goes smoothly but for some reason I don’t get the icon. It doesn’t show in the extensions screen either (I don’t know if windows uses extensions)
I must be missing something basic. I’m probably going to kick myself when I find out what it is.
MacBook Pro mid-2012
Mojave v10.14.6
Safari v13.0.3
BitWarden v1.16.6

Apparently there is some trickyness you can read more about it here but the main advice is

You are not in the correct settings. You need to open Safari, then go to “Safari” in the menu bar > Preferences > Extensions and check the Bitwarden app.

OK. We’re making progress. I installed the desktop app and enabled it as you said and that seemed to work this time. Anyway, I have a vault, a ton of logins I imported from LostPass and I’ve gotten some logins to work. But I’m not feeling BitWarden is intuitive (at least to me). So before I start asking a lot of really dumb questions, I need a tutorial on how to use BitWarden. Is there a “Dummies Guide to BitWarden” around anywhere?

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I’ve tried everything I could think of but I couldn’t get login to work with autofill when username and password are on different pages. You said you got it working on Win 365, could you describe how you set it up? Thanks

I do nothing special.
I added the entry with username, password and URL of the login page.

At the site Bitwarden just Scan the Site for username and password fields.

On the first site BW finds the username field and fill in the Username.
On the second site BW find the password field and fill in the Password

On wich site do you tested it?

I’m new to Bitwarden as well. You should know there’s a couple of issues with Safari 13. Possibly due to changes in version 13, low user base, or both.

Bitwarden in Safari does not show an indicator that a login is saved for that site, as it does in other browsers. That’s handy, but not a deal breaker.

There’s a known bug where Bitwarden does not auto-save passwords in Safari. Best thing to do is to fill new logins using the extension first, at a new login page engage the extension first.

Another known bug I’ve encountered is Safari is it tends to lock the vault prematurely, no matter your setting. You just have to type that master password often.

I had always used Firefox as a secondary browser, so I cleaned up my bookmarks and set it as default. So far so good.