Access via Safari Extension & app after import and setup

Hello, I’m a new user and not used community websites before so please forgive me if I step outside any protocols and as I’m not computer technically literate my terminology may be incorrect. First, I am using a Mac laptop Pro with the latest Sonoma OS operating system. I use Google as search engine and Safari as my default web browser. In the past I have used Dashlane and at this stage have not uninstalled it, just turned it off till I’m satisfied Bitwarden is operating correctly, which I downloaded yesterday. I checked the settings and only extended the time out, setup the finger print access on the App. I could not find out how to set the finger ID for the website extension Icon, even having accessed my account to do so. The issues I would appreciate assistance with are

  1. Finger ID access for Website application.
  2. When I click on the Bitwarden extension in Safari, select a site, say ‘Amazon’ and launch it, this is the message I get – “We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site”. It is the same URL that Dashlane used. If I search for the Amazon URL signin http: Bitwarden will not auto load user name or password. 3. When I set up my account for this community the bit Bitwarden icon did not show in the password field so as to suggest a password.
    There are other sites which I can launch that still will not enable me to access the username and password. The Bitwarden just does not appear in the fields. The desktop app is unlocked.
    Now when I go to Mac Settings, Privacy & Security, Password Autofill it asks “Select an extension to use with password Autofill. Only Dashlane appears although I have unticked it in the safari settings extension.
    Is there a setting or something I haven’t done.
    I have my password length set to 14 at present where as they were set too, I think, a minimum of 9 characters. Could this be a problem?
    There is a lot here but would really appreciate some help. Many thanks.

Welcome Paul, I have some clarifications to ask.

  1. By “Website application” do you mean the Bitwarden extension in Safari, or logging in to vault.bitwarden?
  2. Have you directly compared the URI in Bitwarden with the URL in Dashlane? Have you tested that URI directly? What is it?
  3. I am unsure about this except to say I do not store my master password in Bitwarden.
    I am accustomed to the BW logo not necessarily appearing when I go to a login page. Clicking on the extension icon brings up as top hits the relevant logins. Instead of that, you can also simply press Cmd-Shift-L to autofill the top hit.
    I have Password Autofill switched off, to keep Keychain out of the way. Doing that will also keep Dashlane quiet. It seems that setting is not needed or relevant for Bitwarden.
    Your comment about password length is unclear. Are you saying you were formerly using 9 characters? If so, I would bump that up to at least a dozen but it depends on the site. Advice on the most efficient way of dealing with existing passwords depends in part on how many you have, or how important are the sites (personal info, financial info, seriously important), or possibly whether you have either one of patience or skills with any scripting language.

Keep on asking, we will help as best we can. I use Bitwarden smoothly on MacOS Sonoma, with barely a couple of weeks of experience so it is highly achievable.

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What method are you using to launch the the site? Normally, you should just click Bitwarden’s launch icon:


For troubleshooting purposes, instead of clicking the launch icon, click on the account name (i.e., to the left of the launch icon) to open the vault item, and then click the copy icon shown in the Website field:


You should see this message:


Now paste the clipboard contents into your response here, using Cmd+V.

Seeing the value of the stored Website address may give us some clues about what is happening.

Hello grb, thank you for the response. In my senior moment I didn’t, but should have tried, access to the site using Dashlane which I find now is responding in the same way. In light of that let me use another site.
In answer to your first question. I was using ‘Launch’ via the App and tried the Bitwarden extension in Safari, using the Icon.
Tried to insert 3 screen shots but it dumped the file name so have to leave. I have tried to access Columbus Coffee. Using the Bitwarden Icon in Safari. Clicked on the Bitwarden Icon it requested my Master Password. - Why didn’t it let me use the Finger ID? Entered Master password and then in login field searched for Columbus. Clicked on Launch and site came up but the Bitwarden Icon does not come up in the Username and Password fields. Tapping in the field does not work nor using ‘shift-Cmd-L’. The same result is applicable when using the Desktop App.

Need to understand how to insert an image. Usually take image with ‘shift-Cmd-4’ save on desktop and then insert into documents etc. Tried the upload icon here but as mentioned it only showed the file name.
Hope this addresses your question.
Appreciate the help. Thanks

Hello Mulled7768, thank you for the welcome and coming back. I had read a number of articles on the community site but it’s not easy find some applicable to Apple Mac Safari.
Sometimes I’m unsure what various terms refer to. I will try and answer your questions.

  1. I’m referring to the Bitwarden extension Icon in Safari.
  2. For this one can I refer you to my answer addressing ‘grb’s’ question.
  3. This was when setting up and creating a Bitwarden Community account. I needed to enter a username and create a password. The Bitwarden icon never appeared. I tried a double click and the Shift-Cmd-L.
    I have the Keychain turned off, also Dashlane is turned off.
    Like yourself I don’t keep my Master Password anywhere on my computer.
    To clarify password length. I had set Bitwarden to 14 characters. In Dashlane I had thenumber of characters set at 9 so all imported passwords are shorter than what is set in Bitwarden. The Imprt was carried out after setting up Bitwarden.
    I have about 70 sites with password access. I had wondered about changing resetting or creating new ones but I need Bitwarden to work appropriately to create new passwords.
    Hope this is helpful. Appreciate your help.

Are you referring to (in Singapore)? I don’t see a login form on their website. Please provide a URL (web address) for the login form that you are trying to log in to.

Screenshots can be inserted either by copying and pasting into the edit window, or by using the upload icon:


It is normal for images to be displayed in the form of a file name within the edit window. You can see what the image will look like in the preview pane:

Morning grb, I had to type in the search engine “Columbus Login”. I’m not sure where you are but I’m in NZ. Here’s the URL
Thanks for your help.

I’ll past in the images for you. Sorry as a new user I’m only allowed to place one image in

Which version of the Safari extension are you using (go to Settings > About to find the version number)? What version of Safari do you have installed, and which version of the macOS operating system are you using?

When you have launched the site, do you see a small number 1 overlayed as a badge in the corner of the Bitwarden shield icon at the top of the browser?

If yes, have you tried all available auto-fill methods?

  • Cmd+Shift+L

  • Right-click context menu: Bitwarden > Auto-fill login >

  • Left-click Bitwarden browser extension icon at top of browser, then left-click the account name displayed in the “Logins” section at the top of the Tab screen.

  • Go to Settings > Auto-fill in the browser extension, and change the value of “Show auto-fill menu on form fields” from “Off” to “When auto-fill icon is selected”. You may already be familiar with this feature, but if, not, this then requires you to click in the username or password field, then click on the Bitwarden shield icon that is overlayed onto the input fields, and finally select an account.

  • Go to Settings > Auto-fill in the browser extension, and change the value of “Show auto-fill menu on form fields” back to “Off”, but enable the option “Auto-fill on page load”. In addition, edit the vault item for the account to make sure that the value of the dropdown menu labeled “Auto-fill on page load (if set up in Options)” has been set to “Auto-fill on page load”.

After testing, go back to Settings > Auto-fill to disable “Auto-fill on page load” and set “Show auto-fill menu on form fields” to “Off” (unless you would like to keep using one of those optional features).

Hi grb,
We are progressing slowly. Inserted are the details requested.
Safari - Version 17.2.1 (19617.
Mac OS
Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 1.48.33 PM

  1. followed through your steps.
    Everything now appears to be working through the Web Vault.
  2. When accessing a site via the app the Bitwarden shield icon in the username field is locked and I have to keep entering the Web Vault password. I’m not sure this should work like this, opening the web vault everytime accessing a site through the App.

Have attached some screen dumps below to display what is happening.

If I click on Allow for one day it will allow the shield to appear and lets me access the sight after signing into the Web Vault.

The image below displays settings for the safari extension. You may want to confirm if these settings are correct.
![Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 11.09.19 AM|683x500]

Now one further observation - When I came to answer your questions I had to log back into the Bitwarden Community website, after entering my username and password it did not ask to save them. Keep in mind that when I first started these communications the Password Manager was working for me so password manager has never saved the username and password…
Thank you

Paul, I think this is a problem:

On that central dialog image, click “Always allow on every website” or else go to Safari Settings…Websites and scroll to Extensions at the bottom where you give Bitwarden that same access.

I replicated that problem on my own system by switching off Allow.

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Regarding the auto-save for this website, it is possible that you were not set up adequately at the time for the save query to appear. The saving methods are discussed here: saving new logins

Please follow the advice provided by @Mulled7768, and set the access permission to “Always allow on every website” for the Bitwarden extension.

I’m not sure what you mean by the above, since all of my above suggestions pertained to Bitwarden’s auto-fill functionality (which transfers username & password information into a login form), and the auto-fill feature is only available in the browser extension, not in the Bitwarden Web Vault.

Nonetheless, I hope everything works as expected for you after you take care of the permissions issue (enabling “Always allow on every website” for the Bitwarden extension). If you are still experiencing any issues after making this change, please describe the problem.

Also, FYI, the final screenshot in your comment did not properly display:

Hi Mulled7768,

Do appreciate all the help you folk are providing. Will read the link you provided. Have carried through your instruction see attachment.
I am concerned at the highlighted message. Does this leave me vulnerable to having my information stolen?

Thank you

For any other extension, such a message might be concerning, but think about it:

You are already trusting Bitwarden (for good reason) to safeguard all of your passwords, usernames, credit card numbers, etc., which are stored in your Bitwarden vault. Is it really an issue that the Bitwarden browser extension can see those same pieces of information when they have been entered into a website (Hint: the answer is “no”). You yourself expressed that you want Bitwarden to read the passwords that you enter into websites and ask you if you want those passwords to be saved in the vault. This level of access is perfectly normal for a password manager, and is in fact required for the browser extension to function as intended.

Hi grb,
I think I’m confused around peoples terminology and mine is undoubtedly confusing. Sorry.

The final screen shot was one related to the setting you have and @Mulled7768 asked I change. This renders my last screen shot irrelevant.

  1. Carried out @Mulled7768 which is allowing access when using Web Vault.
  2. When I speak of the Web Vault I’m referring to access through the Password Manager extension in Safari. Other references I usually state App which is the Bitwarden Desktop App.

Thank you for your answer to my last posting to @Mulled7768.
I get the impression that when accessing a website like Columbus Coffee you always use the Safari Extension or type the website into the search engine of Safari then use the Birwarden safari extension shield Icon.

The above raises the question as to what is the purpose of the Desktop App?
I closed the App and accessed a Website “TradeMe” and things worked well.

Its been a long passage but have much appreciated your patience and help.

Many thanks PaulR.

The designation “Web Vault” is the web-based interface that you see when you navigate any web browser to the site (or possibly, if your Bitwarden account was registered on the EU server).

From one of your previous screenshots, it looks like you were accessing the Bitwarden Web Vault in one of your browser tabs:


If you’re speaking of the browser extension (which you access by clicking the small Bitwarden icon at the top of your Safari browser window), you should just call it the “Bitwarden browser extension”, not the “Web Vault”.

The Desktop app is mainly useful for providing a window that is larger in size than the browser extension pop-up window, but it also provides some specialized functions (notably, the Desktop app is used to make possible the use of biometrics to unlock a locked browser extension). Other than this special use of the Desktop app (as a conduit for biometric unlock in the browser extension), all Bitwarden apps and extensions run independently — you can have as many or as few apps/extensions running as you wish.

Adding to grb’s comment about the Desktop app, yes, that confused me at first too. Now, purely as a matter of practice rather than necessity, I use the app to manage my vault (look up when not logging in, reorganise, modify, export backups), and the extension principally to log in to sites.

Hello Mulled7768,

Thank you for your explanation and all the help.