Unable to exit the Bitwarden add-on screen on Firefox for Android

Steps to reproduce:
Open any website
Click the three dots to open the menu
Click “Add-ons”
Click “Bitwarden”
Enter your master password

From that moment threre is no any way to close the add-on screen but close the app.

How to proceed with that?


Hi @l4gfcm, welcome to Community! :wave:

The Firefox add-on for Android is not officially supported. We recommend using the Bitwarden mobile app for the best experience!

Got it, thanks!

So why is this extension even in the tightly curated Mozilla add-ons library for Android? And is the regular Android app fully tested to be on par with site fills in the Firefox browser? Part of the problem for me over the years has been the inconsistent nature of web login fills and the browser extension would at times work when the app wouldn’t. Supposedly everything fully supports the Android autofill services framework now, but I still end up hitting sites that won’t trigger any sort of autofill options in the keyboard. It’s very hit or miss.

Thanks for the feedback @forumer - I’ve shared it with the team for consideration.

You can close the add-on screen, but you have to press the “back” button a bunch of times. This is due to Firefox Android no longer having the ability to directly close an extension popup since the transition to Fenix from Fennec.

My speculation is that this is due to the popup frame having session history stack entries that are normally unnoticeable on Firefox desktop, and you have to back through all of those before the popup is closed by backing out (via the browser chrome’s back button for the popup) of the initial entry of the session history stack, but I haven’t verified this via debugging yet. The source is hard for me to statically analyze, but I think the following sources confirm my suspicion: org.mozilla.fenix.addons.WebExtensionActionPopupFragment subclasses org.mozilla.fenix.addons.AddonPopupBaseFragment, which has override fun onBackPressed(): Boolean, part of an implementation for interface mozilla.components.support.base.feature.UserInteractionHandler, which I think ends up being used by mozilla.components.support.base.feature.ViewBoundFeatureWrapper. (The sibling code from Reference Browser might be easier to follow than Fenix’s; start from org.mozilla.reference.browser.addons.WebExtensionActionPopupActivity (note how it directly checks for windowRequest.type == WindowRequest.Type.CLOSE in override fun onWindowRequest(windowRequest: WindowRequest)).)

Until Mozilla resolves this lack of an actual WebExtension popup close button (I couldn’t find a relevant bug on Bugzilla—see bug list for quick search “ALL platform:All|Android OR component:Android OR product:Fenix :WebExtensions popup”), the Bitwarden popup could add a close button (possibly only on Android) that calls window.close(), which should still be supported by Fenix’s GeckoView (support was added in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1612363). (I’ll leave it up to your engineers to file the feature request bug for this missing close button if they like. I do think it’d be generally useful.)

@sj-bitwarden I do hope that the Firefox Android WebExtension becomes officially supported; the integration is nice enough that I’ve been happily using it alongside the native Bitwarden Android app for years.

I have the exact same issue with the Firefox extension on Android. I have to press the back button a bunch of times in rapid succession and then that usually takes be back to the login page I was using. Wish autofill worked on all sites or that I could at least copy the password and then close the Bitwarden addon pop-up.

I have to press the back button a bunch of times in rapid succession and then that usually takes be back to the login page I was using.

While cumbersome, that used to work for me too and was something I lived with for years. Unfortunately, that workaround stopped working for me when using a newer device running Android 14. There are a lot of variables that changed, so I won’t go so far as to suggest it’s solely an Android 14 compatibility issue - It’s just the most glaring change in that setup. Since the official response was that the add-on isn’t supported, I refrained from going down this particular rabbit hole.

Wish autofill worked on all sites or that I could at least copy the password and then close the Bitwarden addon pop-up.

With Bitwarden saying the add-on isn’t supported, which still begs the question of why it remains published in the Mozilla add-ons library (and a “Recommended” add-on, no less), it seems reasonable to expect the Bitwarden Android app with autofill be tested and made at least as performant as the browser add-on had been for site fills. And there are added advantages to the app, including biometric vault login support (something the add-on had proxy support for, for all of a hot minute years ago, but then got yanked for reasons…).

Your reaction just made me realize the Bitwarden Android app also has auto-fill functionality. I just enabled that and tested it and it’s pretty sweet. I don’t think I even need the Android Firefox browser extension any more. I can at least still use that extension on my laptop, but on my phone I think I’ll be fine with the dedicated Bitwarden app.

Yup. The Android app’s autofill is great until you find a website that doesn’t trigger it, as I mentioned here. I used to be able to use the Firefox Android add-on as a backup in such instances. And yeah, I use the Firefox desktop add-on all the time with no desire to install the Bitwarden desktop app. I don’t believe the Bitwarden folks are saying the Firefox desktop add-on is unsupported, just the Firefox mobile (Android) add-on (note they are two distinct Mozilla add-on libraries). While it might seem inconsistent to some, I can understand why the mobile platform better lends itself to a laser focus on the mobile app, to the exclusion of browser extensions/add-ons. It just seems there is still a disconnect between what’s published/tested/etc. and what the Bitwarden folks are saying.