Support for Firefox on Android

Hi there

I’d like to ask if Firefox browser on Android is really supported since autofilling/suggesting passwords does not work.

I tried it both with just the Bitwarden mobile app and with Bitwarden Firefox extension (I wasn’t able to login though so I’m not sure how it’s supposed to connect to my password vault).

Thank you

Working with firefox android from the app isn’t something bitwarden can fix.

Firefox needs to support accessibility or oreo autofill and they dont.

As for the browser extension that should work fine. Ive used it before (not recently).

Firefox + BW firefox addon is working fine on my phone. It’s a bit… wobbly, but works fine.
My example flow:

  1. I open in Firefox, go to login.
  2. I tap ‘3 hamburger dots’ responsible for opening Firefox menu and press Bitwarden addon.
  3. BW addon opens in new tab, search should behave just like on desktop Firefox, so I rarely have problems finding an entry. I tap the name of the entry (that’s the awkward and non intuitive bit).
  4. I go to previous tab and credentials are filled. :mindblown:

It gets a bit more convoluted if you have to search for the right record (can be fixed by improving uri) and if you have addon on password and quick lock time. My phone is protected with password/fingerprint, not a lock pattern, so I felt I could leave BW addon in Firefox on ‘never lock’ to improve this flow.


Thank you for the info. That’s probably why autofill didn’t work with LastPass either.
Do you happen to know of any created issue in Firefox’s bugzilla I can monitor and voice my request?

How did you get it working? The only place I can see BW addon in Firefox is in the Addons (about:addons) page.

Well, exactly what I meant - it doesn’t need any work. If you install addon on mobile, it’s thereeee, hiding at the bottom :slight_smile: :

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Thank you, I didn’t see it there before! :smiley:
It works as you described. However the tab switching is a bit unintuitive, but at least it works. :confused:

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The auto-fill does not work for me as eskela described. When I open the Bitwarden Add-On and select the item, a red pop up box appears at the bottom of the screen saying, “Unable to auto-fill the selected item on this page. Copy and paste the information instead.” Any suggestions as to how to get auto-fill to work? I am using Android 7.0, Bitwarden 1.32.1, and Firefox 62.0.2.

For me autofill doesn’t work either (Firefox 65.0.1 and bitwarden extension 1.38). As reported by @Nsel, only the error pop up box appears.

Is this a Firefox issue: