Firefox and Chrome not autofilling

Hello there, new to BW and am having issues with autofill. Below is what I have done so far to try to get it to work:

Installed BW on Mobile Phone
Cleared and stopped saving of all passwords on Chrome and Firefox also turned off autofill and password saving
Installed and enabled BW Firefox Mobile browser ext
Enabled fingerprint login to BW
In BW settings, enabled Autofill service and Autofill Acc service
Selected “Always scan” in BW settings

Xiaomi Mi MIx 2 Android Firefox 60.0.2

But autofill still not working or no offer from BW to fill in login credentials

Many thanks,


If you want to autofill in Firefox you must use the Bitwarden Firefox addon since Firefox does not support the Autofill Service or Accessibility Service.

Chrome should work fine with the Accessibility Service but does not yet support the standard Oreo Autofill Service yet either.

Thanks kspearrin for your reply. That explains why chrome is not auto filling or BW not offering to autofill. Still cant get Firefox to work tho

Get a popup saying Firefox prevented this site ( from asking you to install software on your device.

So I select allow, then get the add BWfree password manager? click Add, but nothing seems to happen, just the same page with the +Add to Firefox blue bar on page

If I go into Firefox settings/Addons BW 1.27.0 is listed and appears to be enabled as the only choices I have is Disable and Uninstall

Restarted Mobile FF and go to say ebay login (from within BW), select FF as I dont have a default set for browsers, select go to site, site loads ok with login fields but no auto fill or offer from BW to fill

Maybe its some other setting on my phone thats stopping it from auto filling (or offer to autofill)

I am not having any issues with the Desktop PC version, just the mobile version. I have installed BW on my Sony z2 Tablet and that too is not filling in fields (Android 6.0.1) I also note with the tablet that there is only an option for Autofill Accessability Services (which is enabled) and not Autofill service option as well like on the phone. The BW Firefox addon is installed and enabled, so thats both mobile devices are not auto filling, at least in Firefox (with addon supposedly enabled, as I cant tell if it is or not.) Bitwarden appears as the last item under hamburger icon/options in Firefox

So as to make sure I am doing this right, ill outline below my workflow (applies to both Tablet and Mobile):

Launch BW from app icon, and log in via password (on tablet) and fingerprint on phone, which brings me to a page called “My vault”

I scroll down to a category I have set up, open it, and my logins appear there for that category. Selecting the site I want to log into (view Item) click the right pointing arrow which takes me to the site which more often than not contains the User/Password field. It is at this stage that nothing happens, no prompt or popup, no form fill (on both devices)

Am I doing this right?

Cheers Chris

As mentioned, the Android autofill and accessibility services for not work with Firefox. You must use Mozilla’s addon to integrate Bitwarden with the browser. Install Bitwarden from Firefox Options -> Addons. Then you can open Bitwarden from the Firefox Options -> Bitwarden menu. Open the addon when on a login page in the browser to perform an autofill.

Or, you could use another browser with the accessibility service.

I’ve been trying to use the pre-Oreo Accessibility service with my LG V20 (updating to 8 someday…) and it hardly ever seems to work. I’ve been testing it more deliberately this evening with the following sites:

  • github - works
  • twitter - does not work
  • reddit - does not work
  • discourse forum (tried and this forum) - does not work

I thought part of problem is that when I go to the app and then get redirected back to the browser, the browser does a refresh. According to this is due to RAM getting swapped out. But Github works, so I’m not so sure about that.

In any case, I don’t have high hopes for this accessibility version and I’m not sure if it’s worth that much effort given that Android 8 has real support.

FF, Chrome not working and hasn’t been on PC, iPad and iPhone.


With FF BW addon in mobile, it’s a pretty poor experience. Dunno why this whole thing is an issue for BW; Lastpass works no problem.