Bitwarden on Android with Firefox 83.1


  • Android Pie
  • Latest BW app
  • Firefox 83.1

As long as I do not enable “accessibility” in the app autofill services, BW behaves as expected within Firefox. But when I do enable it, the pop up with the list of matching logins appears only once, then cannot be recovered even when refreshing the page. Or the list briefly flashes on the screen then disappears. Or only the “go to my vault” entry is available, not the matching logins.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I need accessibility and draw-over for some apps that do not support autofill.

sidenote 1: I did try the above with the BW extension for Firefox enabled or disabled, still same result.

sidenote 2: LastPass allows to select for which apps accessibility should be available…

edit 1: tested with Chrome and no issue there.

edit 2: tested with Firefox 84 beta, same issue

I also see the inline fill appear for 1-2 seconds then disappear in Firefox. It works ok in Chrome.

I am trying the Firefox Android extension instead.