Android Autofill very unreliable with Firefox


I recently made a full switch to Bitwarden to unify my password management. While I am quite content with Bitwarden using it with my Windows and Mac machinery, I am somewhat disappointed on my mobile. I use a Pixel 4 and autofill experience ia Bitwarden has been somewhat underwhelming. Some webpages are not filled in Firefox but work in Chrome. Apps do not autofill for me at all.

How is your experience? I would like to hear from you especially if you have a Google Pixel and use Firefox. My settings are according to Bitwarden’s instructions; I activated inline autofill as I use Google’s GBoard.


I use Firefox on my Pixel 3a. It sometimes works erratically, asking me more than once to autofill. When I use the addon/Bitwarden choice from the menu it works pretty well but still may take more than one try to fill. I had some luck disabling the addon and just using the app. It’s a bit confusing to figure what works.

Hoping for near future improvement. Overall I like bitwarden.

Curious, do you have all four settings toggled ON under Auto-fill Services in Bitwarden?

I enabled the two options atop. But I am confused, do you use Bitwarden for Firefox and native apps?

Yes, it used to be flawless, but for the last 3 or 4 months it has definitely been hit and miss.

Android 11 on Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

I have tried the workarounds in the Mozilla bug report that @candiesdoodle1 posted, and sometimes that helps. But often, now, I just manually copy and paste passwords from the BW app directly. I do hope this gets corrected soon because it is a PITA.

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Have also had consistent issues with this on Firefox android. Have tried the workarounds too but even they often don’t work. It’s a shame as it does really break workflow. Wonder if there is any update?

Try enabling Autofill from the Android Accessibility settings. That fixed it for me.