Android 11 - autofill not working?

yesterday tried to run self hosted Bitwarden. Works fine so I’m thinking about buy premium for me.
Tried with my Samsung Galaxy S20+ (Android 11). Using firefox but autofill doesn’t work. It works 1x from 10 tries. Using GBoard.

Sometimes autofill shows in some website but if I click on it, nothing happened.

Any idea please?
Still using 1Password (thinking about left it and change for bitwarden). 1Password autofill works perfect.

Thank you

I have similar symtoms and found that this bug could be a root cause: 1693152 - [Bug] Autofill not working with Bitwarden

However, do you have biometrics activated in the Bitwarden app? Because there seems to be an issue with that: Android 12 browser autofill error

thank you @drool, will check it. Yes have biometrics activated (fingerprint)