Bitwarden to autofill android apps

Hi there ,new to Bitwarden and so far so good iv’e got all my accounts/passwords sorted on my PC side.
But for the life of me i can not figure out how to use it on my android (version 6) device.Iv’e installed the app its synced and all ,the app stays on in background and its allowed to draw over other apps.The “Auto-fill Accessibility Service” is enabled .
But when i open an app and want to login ,nothing pops up,i cannot figure out how to get auto-fill to work.
Any help appreciated.

Did you check the following arcticle in help center?

yes I’ve read that.On my app there’s only a Auto-fill Accessibility Service,not the Autofill Framework Service.
Does that mean it won’t work on my phone cause it’s to old?
I can always use copy/paste on my phone but that’s a hassle and iv’e read somewhere it’s not safe?

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May be someone else is able to help who is using Bitwarden on an Android device. I use Bitwarden on iOS and here I have no problems with auto-filling. :confused:

there are two services as listed in the help article

The Autofill Framework Service for Android users on Oreo (8.0) and greater.
The Auto-fill Accessibility Service for all Android versions.

Generally, using one will get you a fair number of auto fills and using both will get you more. You might also want to check Getting Started with Android, although recognize this is with a recent version of Android

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thanks for the replies guys ,but so far still no luck.
iv’e emailed Bitwarden now ,will see if they can help.

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ok it’s working now.
this is the reply i got from bitwarden support :

" Hi,

Thank you for contacting the support team. Has this autofill issue arise with the latest update? We have had some number of reports that are coming from users with Android 6 as well. This OS version is still in the target of compatibility for Bitwarden, and we’re looking into what the cause may be.

In the meantime if you would like to install a previous version on this device, you should be able to use this while we get the issue ironed out and have an update available. You can download the different versions of our app directly from our repository here:

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Kind regards,
Alex "

so i downloaded version 2.3.1 from github and it works perfectly.

PS. isn’t it funny how updates always seem to break stuff? i mean just look at win10… :rofl:

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