Auto-fill login on Android Nougat 7.1.1

The instruction on setting up auto-fill login on pre Oreo is a little vague. It states it can be done using the Accessibility service but once Accessibility Service is enabled and Bitwarden is turned on in Accessibilty settings, do not see Auto-fill icon on web login forms. Here is the link to the FAQ and below is the relevant section.


1. Open the Bitwarden Android app.
2. Tap the Tools page.
3. For users on Android versions prior to Oreo (8.0), tap Bitwarden Auto-fill Accessibility Service . For users on Android versions Oreo (8.0) or greater, tap Bitwarden Auto-fill Service and then select Auto-fill Accessibility Service at the bottom. Status Disabled will appear in red.
4. Tap the Open Accessibility Settings button.
5. Locate Bitwarden from the list and enable it.

The Auto-fill Accessibility Service is now enabled.

The Auto-fill Accessibility Service is context-sensitive. This means that the Bitwarden auto-fill icon, and notification will only appear when the app detects a login form. You can change the way auto-fill behaves by navigating to SettingsOptionsAuto-fill Accessibility Service .

Can someone walk me through it, with a screen shot of this Tools menu.
I do plan to upgrade to Android Pie phone in a month, but I am not sure if Auto-fill would work with that either.

I note this post but that is for Android Pie. Still, I have the same problem in 7.

Still , using it as copy/paste its better than what I had before, Enpass.

I can only speak for me, but while it was very hit and miss a couple of months ago, and it took almost a minute to open my vault, in the last 4-6 weeks it has worked very well for autofilling and opening the vault takes several seconds - but under 10. I’m on a OnePlus running Pie.

You won’t see the autofill icon. Rather a notification icon should show up you can click on and then select the matching login to autofill.