Can't get autofill popup to work

I can’t get the pop-up working and I wanted to see if anyone has a method that actually works most all the time. I’ve read several other threads here where people say “you don’t understand the autofill service” or “you don’t understand accessibility service” to people. That may be true, but it’s not the case with me. I suspect it’s not the case with all of them either. It sure seems like there’s a problem with Bitwarden to some degree at least.

I’ve been using LastPass for years, but I’d really like to switch to this. I love the popups on LastPass, and they work great for me. On bitwarden they simply don’t work. I have to use the notification pull-down every time I’ve only seen the pop up a couple of times in the last week. I tried with only autofill selected and also with both AutoFill in accessibility and it makes no difference. For what it’s worth I’m running Android 9 pie and I tested it onto Android 9 devices and it acts exactly the same on both. Is this something people are looking into, or is there a workaround that will enable it to work? I’d very much like to switch to this as my daily driver for password management.

Hi burntoc,

if you have enabled Always Scan in the Options section of the Preferences, you still need to allow bitwarden browsing the screen in the accessibility settings of your Android device.

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I do have it set that way, and it is enabled in Accessibility already. I just can’t see anything else on my end except something that might be just an Android 9-Bitwarden thing. I will note that Lastpass, which works perfectly, also has Draw over other apps to enable that popup, I believe. There’s no entry for Bitwarden there so it appears to be called in some other method that may not be as robust?

I have the exact same issue. Only the notification in the notification area is displayed. No popup or bubble appears.

I’m also looking to replace lastpass as they seem to have issues with the fingerprint reader on my s9 since the upgrade to android 9 but this is a dealbreaker

Same issue. Disappointing.

I haven’t been back in a while, but I have to admit it has been working very well - across all of my devices, for at least 8 months. Maybe something else could be interfering now?