Firefox add-on Android self-host not sticking

The Bitwarden Firefox add-on keeps reverting from self-host to All other account data is correct. The self-host setting (URL) does not stick. It’s lost after a connection change or a phone reboot.

Not sure how long this has been happening but I encounter the same issue on two different phones. Pixel 4a 5G and Samsung S23 Plus.

The Android app does not suffer from this issue, only the Firefox add-on.

Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

Actually, just manually locking the add-on causes it to revert to I get the same results with Firefox and Fennec.

Hi @jeffshead! :wave:

The Firefox add-on for Android is not officially supported. We recommend using the Bitwarden mobile app for the best experience!

Unfortunately, I have to use both. The Android app does not work on a lot of sites. The Firefox add-on almost always works on the sites that the app fails on.

This is an unsatisfactory answer. The add-on needs to work correctly. I don’t mind hearing that it is an unresolved bug, but it should be recorded and tracked as a bug.

Hi Diego, I’m sorry to hear that. I will share your feedback with our team for consideration.