Compatibility with latest Firefox on Android

Anyone having issues with Bitwarden not working on the latest version of Firefox on Android?


Add-ons not yet available ?

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On Github, 1.45 is the latest BW add-on as of this posting and it was released on June 29 so it seems we may be better off not taking the new Firefox update on Androids. Probably just collects more data, anyway :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

UPDATE: I took the Firefox update just to see what has changed… It sucks! They removed a lot of settings and many add-ons are not compatible. To top it off, they still haven’t added the option to sort bookmarks. Actually, you can’t even set the browser to open on the bookmarks page, anymore.

Here is an official Mozilla download link for Firefox 68.11.0 if anyone wants to downgrade:

Yes, and I posted in the Firefox forums but still haven’t received a reply. I was just about to post here when I saw your post. I’m having all kinds of problems with the new Firefox. I can’t set a “home page,” the “Home Button” no longer works, and I can’t open any new tabs beside the ONE tab it starts with.

I’m more than a little PO’d about it, however, my question is:

When is Bitwarden going to update their product to WORK with Firefox?

I was under the impression that the developers of these kinds of Add-Ons are aware of any future changes to browsers that they’re compatible with and have those changes ready to go before a new version of browser comes out. Guess I’m wrong.

We’re keeping an eye on it, but it looks like almost every add-on is excluded/disabled for the time being.

Here’s the release FAQ from them:

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Thank you for that, Trey. Funny thing is Bitwarden is on the “Recommended Extensions” list! I guess eventually we’ll have what we’re looking for.

This doesn’t have anything to do with this particular topic, but perhaps you can answer for me anyway? I just tried to log in here on the forums from my desktop and I got a message that said, “You can’t log in from that IP address.” I had to log in from my tablet and it worked. Why is that?

Are you using a VPN? I use another forum where VPN use has been blocked due to too many problems with spammers.

@danmullen is right, we have some IP ranges that have had historic spam.

re: the add-on list, I think they may need to update that :sweat:

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Ah. That probably explains why I have had the following message occasionally when trying to log in.“You can’t log in as ******** from that IP address.”

It has happened regularly in recent weeks, but not that frequently.

Nope, not using a VPN at all. I didn’t have any probs logging in via my computer before, now, go figure.

Do we have a solution now ?

We’re compatible now :slight_smile:

It’s still showing as unavailable for me. I’m on the latest version of Firefox running on Android 11, Pixel 3 XL.

Very odd - but we have not gotten anything from Mozilla that has stated we need to do anything else for compatibility (although Bitwarden was available as of a week or two ago)

@danmullen to be clear is this the firefox extension in Android? The regular client is working without issue, right?

Yes, that’s right. When I go to the add-on settings in Firefox, Bitwarden is greyed out and marked as unavailable.

My fault here - the nightly builds have it, and it should be available in November:

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Ah OK, thanks for confirming.

Looks like the next release of Firefox for Android will support the Bitwarden extension:

Version 83 (upcoming)

  • Newly supported add-ons: FoxyProxy, Bitwarden, AdGuard AdBlocker, Tomato Clock, LeechBlock NG, Web Archives and Ghostery. See all our supported add-ons here.
  • Bug and performance improvements
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The thing I don’t understand is what is the use of having the extension installed within the browser? Will the plugin autofill without the need for the mobile app?