Sync fails Win 10 + Chrome browser

I have Chrome browser v120 running on Windows 10. When I try to sync it fails. Sync does work on my phone and the desktop app. I have one desktop and two laptops with all with same version of chrome and Windows 10. Sync fails on all of them. I’m not using a VPN. Date and Time on the computer are correct (updates automatically)

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Try logging out of the problematic browser extensions (Settings > Log out > OK), and then logging back in.

I had the same problem but with the macOS desktop app: It wouldn’t sync while everything else (phone, tablet, web) was working fine.

Logging out and back in helped.

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Logging out and logging back in worked. Thanks!


@grb What are the consequences of logging out of the Bitwarden browser extension if it has failed to sync in weeks? Will all Bitwarden data that has been added/changed since the last successful sync be lost?

It’s concerning the Bitwarden browser extension is suddenly not syncing.

It is not possible to add or modify vault data when syncing is not working, because the app/extension attempts to push the newly encrypted data to the cloud immediately (i.e., you will get an error message when you click “Save”). Thus, you will not lose any data by logging out of an extension or app that is having sync issues.

I think that a recent browser extension update somehow caused the current session cookie not to work for syncing. Based on others who have reported this type of issue, it’s a one-time glitch that is easily solved by logging out and logging back in (to refresh the session token).



The first paragraph you wrote is good news, and matches my recollection.

The second paragraph is intriguing. Why doesn’t deleting all cookies fix the issue?