Firefox extension broken?

Been using Bitwarden for a few years, principally with Firefox, but also installed on Edge and Chrome.

A few days ago, the extension stopped working on Firefox - when I sign in, it just keeps loading (?) and never stops - never brings up my passwords - works fine in Edge and Chrome.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the extension - no luck.

Did something break recently? Thanks…

The latest release seems to bring some login/sync problems for different clients. (Mine was with the desktop app).

Have you tried forcing a sync? Since you can login, but without bringing the passwords up, click “Settings → Sync → Sync vault now”. Some people reported that this worked (in other clients). Some people have logged out, logged in, and forced a sync to get it to work.

Solving my problem with the desktop app involved around, 1) manual syncing, 2) logging in and logging out repeatedly, waiting for the spinning to stop for an unusually long time (30+ sec), but I eventually got my credentials. Now I obviously am trying to not log out until the next release!

Thanks Neuron - I tried manual sync - waited about 5 minutes - no luck. So I tried logging out/in, and even though I tried that before, it DID work this time. So I am up and running.

Thanks again.

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