Issues syncing vault

Is anyone experiencing issues syncing their vault from the browser extension? It was working fine last night, but this morning I’m getting “Sync failed” errors.

I have the latest version of the extension running in the latest version of Firefox on Fedora 37.

Just to update, I believe the sync itself is working, but the response says it isn’t. My last sync time is showing as last night, and when I initiate a sync I get a message saying “Syncing failed”. However, I’ve checked on my mobile and a vault entry I’ve just created in the extension is there.

I’m on the Chrome extension (2022.10.1), in Windows. I do not get any error message when sync’ing this morning.

Hi Dan. I just tried a manual sync on latest BW extension on latest FW release on three Ubuntu/Debian distros - all came up with the green Syncing Complete message.

I just tried again and got the same error:

However, I know it is actually syncing as I have new items showing up on my mobile.

Hey Dan, I haven’t seen this one bubble up anywhere, but feel free to ping the support team at if the issue persists, or if you can isolate any details you can drop a bug report on Github: Issues · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

I have this exact issue today, I get the 'Sync Failed red message in the Windows 10 Chrome browser extension, but new passwords are synced to my android phone app.

Any solution? Was it a short-time server maintenance issue or something similar that resolved on it’s own?

I am getting this issue also today. Entries I set up two days ago are not appearing after syncing to the Chrome extension. They have synced fine to Android.

@dunxd The issue you are experiencing is evidently the opposite of the issue reported in this old thread (since all of the posts from 2022 report that vault items were successfully synced, even though there was a “Syncing failed” message).

For your case, I would suggest that you completely log out of the browser extension (Settings > Log Out > Yes), then restart your Chrome browser and log back in to the browser extension.


Same issue, BW extension said “Syncing failed” but vault was updated. The above comment is what solved my “Syncing failed” issue.

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I had this issue and it is apparently caused by a cypher issue. The fix is to Log out of the extension / app and log back in and it recreates the cypher.

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I’m experiencing this frequently as of late. Across multiple devices, where it won’t sync vault and the only fix is logging out and back in. It’s getting to be quite annoying. Having to do it weekly at the least.

On the same app/extension on the same device?

Some reports suggest that this was a one-time glitch associated with a recent update, in which case you may experience it repeatedly as different devices upgrade various apps or browser extensions to version 2023.12.1. However, if you are repeatedly encountering this issue on an app/extension that was already updated, then something else may be going on.

Experiencing this issue on at least one laptop using Brave browser latest version. I deleted the bitwarden extension and reinstalled. Sync works fine now.