Cant Sync Firefox Addon

Since around noon on December 12th none of my firefox addons can sync the vault. Inspecting the addon there are no bad network requests, it seems like the data is even being sent from the servers, and there are no printed error messages. All I get is the “Syncing Failed” toast and no more info.

I have checked to make sure the addon is up to date, I have restarted firefox completely, I have inspected the addons network and console info. Is there anything else I can do to try and figure out what the problem is so I can fix it?

I just had the same issue, I disconnected the account & connected again.
That fixed the problem.

Biwarden was opened in the sidebar. I could see an error message saying somehing like “incompatible Cypher”

Thank you, this fixed my problem as well, and now all my unsynced local and remote accounts are appearing normally. This definitely should have been handled better by bitwarden but I am glad it is working normally again now,

Same error again this morning


Bitwarden firefox extension 2023.12.0
Firefox 120.0.1