Passwords differencing by ports and subdomains

I noticed that when I use the link with a port for other services, it suggests the base link authentications instead of the specific port, for example:

  • http://localhost:8080
  • http://localhost:8081

It will suggest me the same credentials when it will recognize new credentials,
it’ll save then under the port 8080, but when I surf to 8080, it will suggest to me the credentials of 8081, 8082, 9090 and so on…
The above example it only 2 ports example,
I have 10s of this and I confused which password it the related to what I need when I surf to one of them.

This happens also when surfing to a subdomain, for example:

Which is the best way to resolve this confusion?

Set the URI to Host instead of default.


Thanks, didn’t knew there are another options…I’ll try this one!

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