Combined match detection

Would it be possible to add a detection option so that it uses both host and base domain with host being preferred. 1Password does something similar to this so when submitting credentials the first one in the list is the best match rather than the last used.

For example:-

Using base you will get three login options as they are all the same base domain, using host (assuming the host is set correctly) you will only get one login, however there are some instances where you may use the same login for two different hosts.

For example:- - login saved on this page - login also required for this page but URI is stored as - seperate login with correct host in URI

hopefully this makes sense, if not let me know and I can try again :slight_smile:

Thanks - Login A - Login A - Login B

You just need to store two logins :

Wouldn’t this solve what you’re asking ?

It would yes, but then I have multiple login entries that are all the same. When using this at work where we have one domain but several hundred different hosts it would use more resources than required.

You would not have multiple identical login entries since Login A will store only once your username and password and you add two URLs to it, and Login B is different from Login A as you stated.

You would only have two different login entries : Login A and Login B, which are different.

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This would work, but it would be much easier when importing from other apps like last pass/1Password if you had an option to have the same type of lookups as those systems, just makes migrating easier.


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