Prevent from matching different subdomains?

I have two restaurants I order online from that both use the platform. However, they are different subdomains.



Despite being on the same service, they use completely different logins. Is there a way to configure their credentials to only match against the full URL? I’ve set both entries with their respective full URLs, but both addresses still match to both credentials, so inevitably when I do ctrl+shift+L and hit enter it fills the wrong one and I have to manually click it in.

Minor inconvenience but it would be nice to train it a little better.


Yep! Set their URL match to “exact” or “starts with” - should get you the result you want. Folks here may have other recommendations, too :slight_smile:

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Ah perfect! I didn’t even see that gear there next to URI. That’s exactly what I needed and is now working as expected. Thanks so much!

“Host” match detection will also work. That’s how I configure URLs like this :slight_smile:

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Haha yep I only started playing about with this feature a few weeks ago - it’s really powerful and so quick and easy to use! In comparison on Lastpass I found it incredibly finicky to sort (and even then only at a more basic level). I’m gradually fixing my saved entries as I visit saved sites!