Remember port number assignment for website domain

This is especially important if you have a number of web services running locally and accessed via “localhost:portnumber”. It’s also important when accessing content served on various ports on remote servers. Currently the last used login is used for the domain even if the target port number is included in the saved website address.

For enterprise use, this is very important. It is possible do have multiple app and services running on different port of the same machine we access via IP.

My home NAS is also running quite a few things on various ports. It’s manageable now, because list of entries that match is 8 right now, so it’s not difficult to find and click the correct one. However, on logical level, there’s only one correct entry for this port, so ideally I could just ctrl + shift + L my login for domain:port. :slight_smile:

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This is available in the next version of all out apps.

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Current versions of the iOS and macOS Safari extension are still using the last login. Has this feature been postponed?