[SOLVED] Support ports in the URL mapping for the browser extension

It would be great if the FireFox browser extension was able to distinguish between the same URL with different ports for autofilling the password.

For example, I work on a lot of local servers with different applications running on different ports:

Unfortunately the browser extension currently can not properly distinguish the difference and tries to autofill the same first password for all addresses.

So it would be pretty useful if the port number of the URI would be used for password lookup if available.

Did you try changing URI match detection to something that differentiates ports like Host.

See: Using URIs | Bitwarden Help & Support


I was also just about to respond with the above mentioned link. You were just a little faster.

I had not found that functionality, thanks cho-m & djsmith85!

This request can be closed (I don’t see an option to do it myself, but I am bad at finding buttons)