Ignore ports on domain matches

So I have sites that run different services on different ports, and may even have separate logins. Sometimes I need to access them by domain, sometimes by IP. It would be nice if equivalent domains could either have ports included, or ignored when identifying.
For example, internal.site.com:8443 and would share all logins. internal.site.com:8080 and would also share logins, but separate from :8443.

Right now, every login needs both versions of the site, IP and domain, with the port included. Would make things cleaner and easier for future items if equivalent domains would ignore the port portion, or be able to have them included (better option, IMO).

May be I didn’t understand correctly but isn’t this what the URI match detection option „Host“ does? It should detect different logins for different ports. Right? :thinking:


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@DenalB That is correct, however my post is more in reference to default equivalent matching rules. So sites like google.com and youtube.com being equivalent are in this list/system, since they both use Google accounts. You aren’t making the URI pattern for every account on every site like that. My request is to either include ports for the list, or ignore them from the scan of the URI pattern (and re-append them after, kinda thing).

In other words, instead of: http(s)://{scan-this-here}/ it would be http(s)://{scan-this-here}:8443/ on URI matching rules.

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Now I understood. :+1: