Organizing items

I’m a new user, another refugee from LastPass! I want to reorganise my login items, eg movement between folders etc. it felt quite slow and cumbersome trying to do this through the Web Vault, so I installed the Windows app expecting there would be an easier way. Ideally I was hoping it would allow me to multi-select items and drag and drop them into different folders. But in fact with the Windows app I can’t find any way whatsoever to move items between folders. Is there an existing feature I should know about, or is organisation just an undeveloped feature?

It is well hidden :frowning_face: It frustrated me until I found it. Swearing at my computer didn’t make it any better while trying to find out how to do it :grin:

In Bitwarden Web Vault you can select multiple items with the tick-boxes to the left of each item. Then, if you go to the gearwheel to the left of “Add item” and press the down arrow you will see a “Move selected” option which you can then use to move the selected items to a new folder.

I blame modern theories on interface design, which are that scattering controls all round the screen makes things easier for users. That is mince. It may look pretty, but users can spend a lot of time scouring the screen trying to work out what the controls do.

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Thanks David. Yeah, after a little while of searching I did figure that out. I just hoped there would be a slightly easier way! But it’s not a big deal, I’ll get used to it! I might end up uninstalling the Windows app however, I’m not sure I see the benefits of having it over the Chrome extension.