How to move multiple items to a folder?

Brand newbie here, pls excuse if not normal request.
You say " Hey there, you can already move multiple items to a folder," and I sure can’ t find how. Spent the PM messing around and need help. Pls.

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You can only do this from the Web Vault. Use the check boxes to select multiple items, then click the kebab icon (3 vertical dots) that is in the list header (right next to the “Owner” column header). There, you will see options for moving or deleting the selected items.

Thanks for the reply.
OK I go to the Vault where I see a list of “types” and “folders” . 2) I open General since that’ s where LastPass signons got dumped in a single folder called " general" and 3) I look for check boxes here and when I open, say USAir, and still no check boxes. 4) when I go back and check another site (say Delta) I lose contact with USAir so basically I am moving one item after another out of General folder into the Travel, Health,… folders. Very, very tedious so I know I’m on the wrong track.
Can you continue to help me? I now see I’m not the only one that has had this problem, but I don’ t see how they resolved it. Did they leave Bitwarden?

It sounds like you are using the browser extension. You can only do the bulk move/delete actions from the Web Vault. To access the Web Vault client, log in at

It should look like this:

08mar23 Hi grb and thanks for the reply.
Of course you’re kidding, right? Open my secure BW vault from my leaky malware-infested browser instead of from my open-source, secure BW app and/or extension (both give me access to my BW vault - or so I thought).
I think one option may be to export my newly up-to-date BW vault into a spreadsheet and operate on it there to get an efficient organization of folder assignments. That way all vault exposure is done in secure software. Good idea or no?
BTW I apologize for asking multiple times, but the inquiries were directed to specific members who had posted solutions, not aimless shots in the dark. And lo, some of the solutions suggested have turned out to be for earlier versions of BW. (I hate multiple posters, too.)

As your computer is evidently malware-infested, this is a terrible idea (and so is accessing your vault, no matter what app or extension you are using). Clean up your computer and set up proper malware defenses before accessing a password manager.

This exchange seems to have wandered off subject. Excuse please my flattering comparison between Bitwarden software and other commercial browsers. I have chromebooks, so malware isn’t really a problem. Getting items into folders is the problem. To clarify your description: the Vault in the BW app and BW extension is not the same as the BW vault from a browser? If so, that’s useful news. Thanks.

There seems to be some confusion. Bitwarden is not a browser (although the Desktop app is implemented using a browser engine).

The “vault” is an abstraction, not a real thing. The back-end implementation consists of a set of database records that store your passwords (and other “vault” contents), on a cloud server hosted by Bitwarden (or technically, hosted by Amazon in server space leased by Bitwarden).

To access the database records in the cloud, you need a client app that runs on your device. Bitwarden offers various types of clients apps (as well as a command-line interface), including two versions that run in your browser using Javascript: one of these is the browser extension (the code for which is installed and remains in persistent storage on your device), and the other one is the so-called “web vault” app, which uses Javascript code that is delivered to your device on-the-fly when your browser navigates to webpages stored on the host. Bitwarden’s Desktop app runs the required Javascript code using the Electron platform, which is based on the Chromium browser engine.

Much of the Javascript codebase that runs each client app is the same, whether you are using the Web Vault client, the Desktop client, a browser extension client, etc. However, some of the client apps have unique capabilities: for example, the browser extension can auto-fill data into web forms, which the Web Vault app and the Dektop app cannot do. The ability to multi-select vault items for bulk move/delete operations is unique to the Web Vault app (instructions were provided in my response above, and are also available in the documentation).

Whichever client you are running, after the client app successfully authenticates itself to Bitwarden’s servers, it is allowed to download a copy of the database records pertaining to your vault (using the HTTPS protocol with TLS encryption in transit). These data are stored on your device in a textfile using the JSON format. As long as the client app remains logged in, it uses the locally cached JSON file when presenting your “vault” contents to you. So is this a different “vault”? It is a different instance of your “vault”, but Bitwarden synchronizes the database copies, so that when you make changes to one of the locally stored JSON files, these changes are propagated first to the cloud, and then to any other open client apps (which incorporate the changes into their cached JSON files).


P.S. This has turned more into a a tutorial and is indeed off-topic to the OP’s feature request. I will move this discussion inot its own topic in the Ask the Community forum.

Superb job of explaining the role of abstraction!
No, I’d no idea of what was going on that could explain the way the Vault changed depending on the caller. Very glad you put your explanation in tutorial so all can access this info.

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Just to let everyone know: I found this thread because I couldn’t find the options in the three dot menu. It was because I had language set to Spanish. Only if I set the language to English I can see the Move selected and Move selected to Organization. In Spanish there’s only “Delete selected” (badly translated too: it shows “Eliminar selección”, meaning “Delete selection”…)

There shouldn’t be a different number of entries for different languages. This is a bug.

Hi @grokker and welcome to the community :tada:

This seems odd as the translations in our web-vault are the following:
Move selected → Mover selección (taken from Crowdin)
Move selected to Organization → Mover los seleccionados a la organización (taken from Crowdin)

Could you please share a screenshot showing the issue.

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