Move Logins to Folders in Bulk?

I migrated from LastPass and have a ton of login items in “No Folder”. Is it possible to drag and drop to folders or handle logins in bulk, instead of manually opening, editing and saving each one?

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You can do bulk move operations in the web vault.


Thank you. I was able to bulk move items using the web UI.

i am on mac, bitwarden app (1.14.0), i don’t see how to bulk move items to a different folder;
don’t get the option to select all entries and move them to a different folder;
edit: solved, this can not be done with the stand alone app or the website popup window but you have to open the vault in the browser :slight_smile:

The bulk move operation needs to be added to the organizational vault view to move unassigned credentials to a collection in bulk as well. That or be able to see the unassigned collection from the individual user vault.

I don’t have any ‘move’ option in the pulldown menu using the web vault…how is this possible? I would really like to be able to organize my logins into folders without having to open each login individually first and then assign a folder.

If I go to in a web browser, and select a folder, the items have a check box next to them, and there is a pull down gear menu at the top of the page with move selected, share selected, delete selected, select all, and unselected all. I have a paid account, if that matters.

Thanks for the reply. That checkbox doesn’t have any move option for me…so why is this? Anyone?

@melkor What checkbox? As @Kenmoffat said, first select items you want to move, then click gear icon at the top of the page (on the left from ‘Add Item’ option) and you should see ‘Move Selected’ option.
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Can we get this in the desktop apps? I’m usually not logged into the web vault because I trust my browser less than the standalone desktop app. Thus, whenever I want to perform a bulk action I need to open the web vault, enter my password, and perform 2FA. (And whenever I log in, that creates attack surface for attackers to steal credentials…)

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Wow, had no idea you could do this from the web vault.

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