Organize passwords

Hi. I’d like to organize my password into different groups using Folders.
Is there any drag and drop functionality that I’m missing? I logged into my vault via the web, but so far the only way I can figure out how to move credentials is to open each set of credentials individually and change the folder. This will take me forever since I have some many credentials that are not currently in any folder in my vault.

I would love to be able to multi-select and then either drag-n-drop, or at least click on a Move button.


@gbonawitz Welcome to the forum!

You can do multi-select and move the selected items into a folder. However, this feature is only available in the Web Vault. To access the Web Vault client, log in at (or, depending on which server your account is hosted on).

As shown in the screenshot below, once you are logged into the Web Vault, you first check the check boxes for the items that you wish to move, then click the kebab icon to the right of columns headers, and finally click “Move selected” (and follow the prompts to specify the destination folder):

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I completely missed that kebab/hamburger button option :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the tip!

No worries, but FYI, a :hamburger: menu icon is one that looks like this: , while a :oden: menu icon always looks like this:

Time for lunch! :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_drops: