Fast way to assign multiple passwords or notes to a folder


I’m new to bitwarden, I have multiple imported items and notes, I would like to organised them into differents folders.
Maybe did I miss something, but I can figure it out how to select multiple items.
moooving them to a folder one by one, not working either.
I have to open the item, modify, select the folder, and save, for each one !!!
Is there a faster solution?

The checkbox to the left of the entry in the web vault can be used to select multiple entries and the gear icon at the top can be used to move it to the folder.


thanks a lot, it helps

It took me quite some time to find that option. While it isn’t hidden it is not easy to find either.

Yes, a little bit strange to have this option only available in web vault, but it s not a function used on a daily base

I think that this is only available on the web vault because it’s not a real ‘folder’ organization but more of a ‘label’ organization.
I would love to see a real folder organization for doing folders/subfolders and moving easily items beetween folders…