New version crashes safari

M1 Macbook pro

Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000

Application Specific Information:
Enabled Web Extensions:
com.bitwarden.desktop.safari (LTZ2PFU5D6) (Version: 1.49.0 - Display Version: 1.49.0) Bitwarden - Free Password Manager

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘<cert(0x1639c6280) s: i: Amazon> does not conform to NSSecureCoding’
terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException
abort() called


I should add this happens regularly (every few minutes). I’ve disabled the extension for now

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Just updated to the new version. I’m not experiencing any crashes yet but this version is absolutely awful. The window is significantly smaller in the y axis which makes it very hard to read and use. If this was a deliberate change please reverse it or make the window size customizable.

Additionally the window response time is absolutely atrocious. When clicking the Bitwarden logo in my Safari menu it takes a full 3 seconds to load the window.

I think you should immediately roll back this version from the App Store and work on fixes before pushing it again. I’m on an Apple M1 which may not be a supported platform, but the previous version worked perfectly.


Seems that this may only affect M1 Macs, I have the same issue on M1 but it works on my Intel Macs. Github issue Safari crashing on · Issue #1694 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub


Agreed, it’s awful for those reasons too (small window, 3 second load time).

The window load/open time is also around 2 seconds on my Intel Macs.

Similarly the shortened window length also affects my Intel Macs.

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Same issues with my Intel Mac. Small window 2 second delay to open.

Yeah, I’m getting crashing in Safari too. And the squat window is not an improvement. Are there any other changes to know about? I don’t see any release info about it. I’m on an M1 MacBook Air.

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Same here. Safari is crashing but not on all site. I know it is crashing on

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Same here:
MacBook Pro M1 and Safari keeps crashing on most sites (always on Amazon product pages); moreover, the new resized window of Bitwarden is really awful…


I’m seeing it crash on same error as parent

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I’m on an M1 Air. Bitwarden crashes Safari as soon as I enable it for all sites.

It crashes so fast that it’s hard to to disable it again so I can use Safari.

Everything is up to date.

Seems to be fine on my other browsers.

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Just encountered this on my MacBook Air M1 this morning. Extension disappeared, upon investigation noticed that I had to install from App Store.

Once installed from App Store, I opened currys website and instantly Safari crashed, then crashes every time on relaunch until I closed that tab before it loads.

Disabling BitWarden fixed the issue, but this means I can’t use the extension for passwords now…

Any update on fix / patch for this from dev?

After the latest update of Bitwarden desktop (1.25) My Safari extension disappeared to!?
I’m on OSX High Sierra and Safari 13.1.2 Any thoughts how to fix this?

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I’m having similar issues on an Intel mac. The new window is far too small, and it does not automatically minimize when I click on my login information. This makes it so that I can’t see whether my information has auto filled on the majority of websites. Is anyone else having that problem, too?

Apple M1 with newest Safari here. Bitwarden causes Safari to crash like 20 times a day. This is going on now for a week. I’m on the verge of jumping ship, really. Reached out to support via email, they responded and are aware of the many issues since the last update.

Please, Bitwarden, get this mess fixed.

Having similar issues with my 16" Intel MBP: sluggish opening, small window, sometimes even an entirely different popup (and a batch with a number which I definately don’t like). But no crashes, not even on Amazon.

Better move to Chrome or Firefox temporarily until they get those Safari Bitwarden plugin issues fixed. Quite some issues are visible on Github already, and some are fixed, having pull requests set. Don’t know how often they process their merge requests.

At least ensure you’re using the App Store version of Bitwarden, not the downloaded DMG. This seems to be some new requirement imposed by Mighty Apple when using plugins from within the app.

I am having same issues with my M1 Mac. The response time of the password window makes it hardly usable. They need to revert to old version which was working fine.

No official reply yet regarding this from Bitwarden team?

Unfortunately it also crashes for me. And it happens only on M1. Intel version is seemingly fine. It also crashes on sites that are not having any passwords (like

A new version seems to be released, 1.25.1 with Safari plugin 1.49.1. Unfortunately this is not yet available via the Apple App Store. Guess we need to wait for Apple to approve this new version, assuming Bitwarden did submit the new version to Apple. It sucks Safari plugins can only be executed from the App Store version of Bitwarden. I’d prefer to use the DMG-version of Bitwarden.