Safari Extension delaying new windows


After a recent OS update (Big Sur 11.2.2) I’ve noticed that BitWarden safari extension is slowing down the browser. When creating a new safari window (either regular or private) the browser now waits for 1 to 1.5 seconds before that action is performed.

This is repeatable. If I turn off the Bitwarden extension in safari, new windows are instant. Turn it back on and there is a delay.

This has only just started happening with the latest update to the OS (I think anyway… I did not notice it before and it’s pretty obvious and annoying).

Any idea when there will be a fix for this?

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We have a release next week that should address many, many, Safari issues, moving from app extension to Web extension framework :sunglasses:

great news. thanks.

I am still seeing this on Safari 14.1.2, macOS 11.5 and Bitwarden 1.43.4. Was this fully fixed?

the UI sizing is being worked on currently, but the lag is something we can’t address and have an open ticket with Apple regarding. For some reason the lag is gone in the Safari tech previews :upside_down_face: