No constant Bitwarden extension on Macbook M1/Big Sur 11.3

Hello all,

I used Bitwarden on my old iMac, I changed to a new Macbook with Big Sur.

It was ok during few hours, but not now. No extension available to activate in Safari, Chrome or FIrexfox. I wrote to support and had an answer : “I’ve got the same computer and everything’s fine for me : so please uninstall and try again”…

I have re-installed the Bitwarden application by downloading via App Store instead of dmg, after have done a cleanup of previous setup.
Restarted the computer, restarted Safari… Nothing restores the Safari extension, neither firefox, chrome…

If I open the Safari extensions page, it does not list Bitwarden as an available extension. I use the extension all the time and was working without issue.

BW:Version 1.25.1 (518)
Safari: Version 14.1 (16611.
macOS: Version 11.3 (20E232)

Thank you for any help.

Take a look at this:

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