Safari extension: long to open, small windows

Dear all,

since the last update (v1.49.0), 2 problems appeared:

  • when I click on the Bitwarden button, it takes may be 3 second between the clic and the moment when Bitwarden window appears;
  • the height windows is now small (may be 3 times than before).

It worked perfectly before updating.

Any clue ?



Environment: MacOS Big Sure 11.2.3, Safari 14.0.3, architecture: Silicon M1, Bitwarden extension release: 1.49.0.


Also experiencing the slow window opening on MacOS 11.2.3, Safari 14.0.3.

In my case it takes about 2 seconds between clicking on the icon and the window appearing. This is disconcerting at first because the previous extension opened immediately - you assume that click didn’t register, click again, and that closes the window when it does eventually open. You end up chasing your tail a few times before you realise what is happening.

I personally don’t have issue with the window size at the moment.

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Same here. Also the new extension sucks in performance. It reduces Safari performance by around 15% in speedometer benchmark.

Now that you mentioned it - I started to pay attention to Safari’s CPU usage. With the Bitwarden extension enabled you can see significant CPU usage when a new tab/website is opened. If I disable the extension this is not apparent. I never noticed that under the previous version.

Confirming the same issues. Also Apple M1 silicon, Safari 14.2

My experience is based on an Intel MacBook Pro. So issue not limited to Apple silicon.

I’m seeing the same issue on MacOS 11.2.3, Safari 14.0.3. It takes about 7 seconds to be able to use the extension. I have no issue with the size of the window or text.

Confirming the same issues. For me, it started today after the 1.25.0 Bitwarden app update.


  • I’m no longer am able to use the Command+\ shortcut to autofill passwords.

MacOS 10.15.7, Safari 14.0.3, Intel MacBook Pro

I’m having the same issues. In addition, the Bitwarden plug in does not automatically minimize when I click on my login information. This makes it impossible to see whether the information has, in fact, auto filled on the majority of websites. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Same issues here :frowning:

  • Very slow extension/popup
  • Small windows popup
  • Window does not close when login is chosen.

I had to give up on the extension in Safari and uninstall it.Hope this will be fixed in later releases

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If you check on github you’ll notice the developers are aware of these issues. Some fixes have been completed already and merge requests have been sent. Such requests aren’t granted right-away as they need to be verified manually before code-changes are merged into the final product, the one you and I get to see. For now, I’ll be using Chrome more often now as that Bitwarden plugin is running properly.

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Any updates on this? It’s working fine but so slowww :wink:

This is also driving me nuts. Going back to brave for now.

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Same issues here…

Yess… me too, I am using Brave browser, mainly :wink:
I have to… after Bitwarden Safari extension update.

I’ve had to do the same. Real shame since Safari is far more efficient in terms of battery and RAM usage.

Same issue here, please fix this.

Hi guys, any update on this issue? Just got an update for Bitwarden on my Mac, but the browser extension is still slowww :frowning:

The slowness is actually an issue with Safari :frowning: - we have an open ticket with Apple, but no response so far. The Safari Tech Preview actually does not display this issue, so we’re hoping it will be resolved with the next Safari update.