Most Sites Don't Ask To Add Password


Is anyone noticing when they are registering for a new account that Bitwarden is not asking to save the username and password?

I noticed it more lately that is not asking it.

I am using Edge browser.

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All the time. That’s actually why I’m here looking for any advice about

hmm no one from bitwarden has replied. Not sure if this is only our issue or everyone. If someone would respond then we could go on to figuring what they would like to see so they can debug and figure out what is going on.

The biggest thing that causes some confusion here is when the vault is locked, at which time the extension won’t prompt you. BUT - we are tracking sites that don’t prompt for saving here:

hmm, good to know with it not being unlocked (though something should be done to tell people they are locked and it wont’ be saved) but I don’t think that is always why it is not working for me.

I was just unlocked and it still did not ask to save login.

The same thing happens to me only occasionally. It is pretty good at asking IF I want to save if I update a password. But occasionally if I have a new account and make a user id & password, it won’t ask to save.

Let me begin by saying that I came from LastPast and it often had the problem of not prompting to save me login information! (I got to the point where I was using Notepad to save the password until I was sure that LastPass was going to capture the info!) I was actually pleased that Bitwarden had another way to generate a new login that works every time. Here is a link to a video which shows how to do that: