Problem with request to save password

I went from Last pass free to Bitwarden free… I’m trying Bitwarden, interesting …

I noticed that, with the relative extension for Chrome (O.S. Win 10), for the following site, it does not require saving the password (as indicated at the link: help / article / getting-started-browserext / # add-a-login):


I have tried with other sites and it works.


On some sites, Bitwarden does not request the user to save the password. This is a known issue. Hopefully, the Bitwarden team will fix this issue.

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Hello! I noticed this too and situations where bitwarden does NOT prompt to save the password is happening more and more everyday…when i generate new password at Bitwarden i copy it elsewhere on a document before i change it then i save it on bitwarden after i changed password because i know it might not save on its own and then my password is way too complicated to remember!

If you look at the tutorial, Bitwarden seems to suggest the way to add a site is to go to the site, click on the bitwarden extension, enter the username and password and then use it to log into the site.

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Just adding to the general feedback. While this thread doesn’t link all the concepts I’m about to mention, i think they come as a bundle.

By my count there are 3 related user experiences hurdles to consider that any new user faces.

All of them are quite jarring vis a vis other password or secure storage systems in the market, and while I admit that’s an opinion, I think it could be substantiated just by looking at how consumers have been habituated to Google’s password save functionality (+LastPass etc).

My apologies for giving these features my own terminology

1. Autosave
The topic of the conversation above.
Well covered, since it came up I’ll note that if the user knows about point 3 below they’re more likely to lose data by leaving the form (or be unable to find it)

2. Popout to Cache
I technically understand why it’s easier for the windowed version of the extension to cached data than it is for the modal. And I believe most users have long since abandoned Bitwarden before they discover this useful distinction. This begs a question, why not default to the window over the modal and give the user what they’re looking for

3. Don’t complete in Site Form
This is the hurdle you have to pass before 1 and 2 are even in consideration. Knowing that Bitwarden gives you an easier time of it if you pre-complete within the extension, desktop or webvault, rather that attempt to get BW to capture your data after the event. I know of no other similar system that does it this way - all others seem to do the reverse, so I’d anticipate this to be a very large initial abandonment hurdle.

The good news is prior to any real dev all three of the above could simply be signposted - imagine that would help abandonment and attrition immediately.