Prompt ask to save into an existing password

Hi everybody,
sorry for my english, It’s not so good so I search to be as clear as possible :slight_smile:
I’ve two questions:

  1. why Bitwarden doesn’t ask always if I want to save the new password, for example, I just registered on this forum, but it doesn’t have asked to me to save my credentials. :thinking:
  2. it’s possible to save new credentials even if that site is already in Bitwarden?
    for example: imagine I’ve my credentials of, and I want to create another account of it. Well (bad), Bitwarden doesn’t ask to me if I want to save it, because it thinks that site is already added in the Safe.

Hope to be clear and to be helped
Thank you in advance.

Seems like you’re using the browser extension, in “Settings > Options” you’ll find the corresponding check-boxes to toggle notifications for new passwords and to update existing ones.

There’s no check-boxes to toggle notifications :frowning:

In Windows looks like this:

Screenshot 20200409181344