Bitwarden not asking to save password


I started using Bitwarden a few days ago, moving from Roboform.

I would love to purchase a premium subscription, but there are some points to be solved yet.

I have both the Windows client and the Firefox extension. But Bitwarden is not asking to save passwords when I make login in a new website.

Have already checked all of the below settings, and everything seems to be fine here:

Someone has some idea, please?

It is recommended to add your credentials first to Bitwarden and then to use these (already saved credentials) to sign up on a new website. This way you can be sure that no data is lost even if your computer crashes, the internet connection is lost or the web site times out.

Hey @ewsg, did you already disable Firefox’s ability to manage passwords?

Hi @Peter_H !

So, but in my opinion, this is something counterproductive. By this way, we would do the same job twice. It would be great if Bitwarden prompt us to save the passwords automatically. Moreover, this feature is part of the software, by what I know - it’s just not working for me. I don’t know why. :frowning:

Hi @dwbit !

Yes. Even so the feature is not working here, unfortunately.

Are you experiencing this on specific websites, or the prompt never appears at all?

Hi @dwbit ,

So, the prompt never appears.

And you followed all the steps in the link you provided, including disabling Firefox’s native password management capabilities, or removing and resintalling? You can also test disabling other browser extensions to ensure there isn’t any interference going on.

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Ok, I’ll try your latest suggestions. :slight_smile:

Hi again! :slight_smile:

I would like to say that I’m really loving Bitwarden. But as I told earlier, I’m trying to move here from Roboform (I use Roboform for more than 10 years).

It was with huge surprise, moreover, that I got to import all my Roboform credentials and safe notes into Bitwarden. Really fantastic!

Well, I would like to discuss some points which are preventing me yet to really abandon Roboform and start using Bitwarden as my only password manager.

For sure, all the points/features I wanted in Bitwarden can be very “subjetives”, and vary from user to user. Many of them can be “unnecessary” and/or arose here just due to the fact I am a “heavy user” of Roboform for years and years.

First of all, of course, sorry if I am disburbing you, guys. :slight_smile:

  1. Bitwarden is now prompting me to automatically save new logins in new websites. This is Ok. But, in opposite to what happens in Roboform, Bitwarden does not allows me to change the credential name immediately after saving it, forcing me to open my vault, search for the new credential and edit it.

It would be great if the software allowed me to automatically change the login name in a popup, for example (because, for example, it names the new credential using its URL, and this, for me, is a bit “strange”).

  1. Bitwarden don’t “presses” the “submit” button when doing logins, forcing me to manually hit it. I understand this can be a “way of usage” the developers chose, but I really don’t understand why don’t add an option, leaving the user to choose if he wants Bitwarden automatically hit the “submit” button or not.

  2. Bitwarden does not updates automatically a credential when we, for example, change the password in a website (as Roboform does). Instead, Bitwarden creates a new credential, using for its name the URL. Is it possible to change this, in some setting, etc?

  3. I noticed that the Windows app and the browser extension works separately. I.e., we have to use our master password twice, in both cases. Is this intentional, as an extra security layer?

Thanks in advance, guys.