Bitwarden Browser extension, add option to 'add new' as opposed to only 'update now'


When logging into a service with a new credential, Bitwarden asks to update that credential as opposed to asking for it to be added as new.

Could this be fixed please?


Depending on the scenario here, you may want to add this to the existing GitHub issue - we’re tracking lots of sites to determine patterns, etc.

oh! sorry, can’t remember the exact site now. Just quickly fed back to the forum.

It’s either or

There was some existing credentials for that site in Bitwarden, and when logging in with a new credential, it only gave me the option to update another credential, as opposed to giving me the option to add as well.

Maybe, if the option to update was always there (if the domain is matched with an existing record in the vault), the users could decide on an individual case basis?